13 Reviews

Amy Cheng

17 January 2021

17 January


I recently spoke with a man named Jeff B regarding my family debt problem. We can’t thank him enough, after several different calls to multiple debt relief comp...
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Danny Nicholson

17 November 2020

17 November


Thank you so much for lifting away my debt problems. After moving back to Texas to help my elderly mother, I took a job that could not sustain my expenses and ...
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Megan Karch

26 October 2020

26 October


I can say that Debt Redemption may have saved our marriage. My husband and I are coming up on our 10-year anniversary having started off our marriage both havin...
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Brendon Challoner

12 October 2020

12 October


I learned the hard way that not all debt consolidation companies are the same. I had been enrolled with a company out of Florida and the calls were non-stop fr...
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Jennifer Rodriguez

26 September 2020

26 September


After checking out a few debt relief companies the differences with Debt Redemption stood out during the first few minutes of my call. Not only are their fees ...
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Ann Weaver

21 July 2020

21 July


Great people, great service and lower fees compare to everyone else. This Debt Redemption company is real thing and have helped me out tremendously to get out o...
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